Julie Olesko

Welcome! My name is Julie and I’m a big DIY girl. Like many people, my journey to better health and a less toxic lifestyle, started when I had some health issues, low energy, and struggled with infertility for nine years! My journey began with food once the Naturopathic doctor I worked with discovered some food allergies/sensitivities. I began reading labels and finding that many products in the store were filled with unhealthy ingredients. I found my answer to better health by making my own recipes and products. I started to feel better, have way more energy, and many of my symptoms of illness went away. My husband and I adopted twins and my desire to keep them healthy and thriving, lead me to ways I could avoid toxins I exposed them to. I made their formula, read labels on everything I put in and on them and used prevention as much as possible. While I realize that you can’t control everything in your environment, I did limit exposure to food dyes, preservatives, added chemicals, toxic ingredients, and fragrances.

These experiences lead me to Young Living! Young Living has pure, therapeutic grade products derived naturally from plants. They back these claims up with a Seed to Seal promise. They don’t use pesticides on their crops, they don’t add synthetic or unhealthy fillers to their oils, they care about sourcing and the ecosystem, and they use third-party evaluators to ensure their product quality. Check this video…

I feel confident that using essential oils and Young Living products support my health and wellness goals. I’m so confident that I started a Young Living business to show people like you how these products can support your health goals too! Visit our recipe page for some ideas on how you can make your own products to avoid toxic ingredients or chemicals you can’t pronounce.

Katie Decker Young Living Team Diffusion