Katie Decker

I’ve been an oil user since 2015, starting out with my first bottle of Lavender and I’ve never looked back. While I was pregnant with baby #1 I was introduced to the world of oils and started to gain knowledge about the types of chemicals and toxins that are inside of our everyday products. Since I was becoming a mommy, I thought there was no better time to start to make some changes and improve the health and well-being of our family.

I started early on with just using the oils in my diffuser and after countless make and takes, research, videos and one on ones with my oily friends, I’ve gone full blown oily obsessed. I literally use my oils daily and for just about everything I can think of. Knowing what I’m putting on myself and by little boys is important and while I can’t control everything we are exposed to, I am trying to make better, safer choices for those things I can.

For me, the switch was a little slow and I took it one thing at a time, and after a few years, I’ve been able to ditch most of the drugstore products laying around the house and either make my own or have found great alternatives that skip the toxins. No more expensive skin care products, my plant-based cleaner now means I only need to store ONE bottle under my kitchen sink and I can clean the entire house, and let’s not mention the money saved in doctors visits for the family!

I started sharing more of my stories and learnings with friends and family (and their friends and family) and eventually started to have my oils paid each month. I have a full-time job running a website and marketing business, but “selling” oils have never felt like a job and it’s now a hobby for me that lets me get out of the house and lets me drink wine! And, who doesn’t love free oils?

I am honored to be able to “work” alongside the amazing ladies in Team Diffusion and help to share our knowledge and experiences with others looking to change the way they care for themselves and their families.

Jessica Pulis