Stefanie Hays

My name is Stefanie Hays and I’m so glad you’ve found our site! I have the pleasure of working alongside the amazing women here to educate and share what we have collectively learned about essential oils. How to use them, how to support our bodies and emotions with them, and how to kick the chemical and toxic junk out of our homes and bodies.

I became increasingly passionate on the subject of health and wellness 7 years ago when I had a toddler and was expecting our second child. Healthcare was not foreign to me, I spent 14 years working in hospitals selling medical equipment for Philips Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare companies in the world. I saw heart disease, cancer, and other depilating diseases striking people of all ages, races, and walks of life. Living in that world, and becoming a mother inspired me to learn all I could to give my children the healthiest start possible.

I began with absorbing all of the information I could about the food we were putting in our bodies:

  • Scouring multiple books on the subject
  • Seeing a holistic nurse practitioner for preventative health
  • Studying different ideas of diet and lifestyle for optimal health

We made a few changes right off the bat such as purchasing our meats locally from a sustainable farmer, choosing organic produce whenever possible, and limiting our intake of processed foods. This type of change certainly isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life.

After implementing those changes, I was thinking about the personal care products we were using on our bodies, and our two little girls. Doing research in this area literally made me sick – understanding the chemicals and toxins in mainstream products being sold to lather on our skin (our largest organ) day in and day out, it’s disgusting. The same sad truth holds true for the products we are cleaning our homes, clothes, and dishes with. There have been so many moments throughout this journey that I’ve been overwhelmed and not known where to start. My advice…take a deep breath, start small, and make the changes you can handle.

A few steps to get you started:

  • Download the Think Dirty or Environmental Working Group (EWG) app
  • Scan the products you use everyday to gauge their toxicity level
  • Research safer products or DIY options that are economical and safe

Small changes lead to big differences!

Making these changes are definitely a lifestyle…years into our journey, a trusted friend introduced me to essential oils in 2015. At that time I had a 5-year-old struggling with seasonal irritants and we’d tried almost every holistic approach we could to find relief. Enter Young Living Essential Oils. From the moment I started diffusing Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint in her room we’ve experienced huge changes.

I was inspired – if I could use natural ingredients extracted from plants, grown sustainably and responsibly, to help with this issue – what else could I do!? The possibilities were endless and we often joke “There’s an Oil for That” for almost anything – but it’s true. In the last 3 years, we’ve used oils to support our physical bodies and emotions, clean our home, and create non-toxic personal care products.

I share my story because I am passionate about changing the lives of others. I’ve seen and experienced what essential oils and Young Living have done for us, and I want others to see the same positive changes in their life. I firmly believe that we are in charge of our own health and wellness journey. It’s a lifestyle change, a journey. I’m still learning, refining, experimenting and doing my best to live my best life.

I would love to get you started on your journey and be a guide as you go through this process. Using Essential Oils is a fun experience and a personal journey, but having a community of trusted support certainly makes it easier.

Sarah McDaniel