Knowledge is power when it comes to essential oils. This page includes resources we have found to be helpful in our journey.

Reference Materials

Good reference materials and literature is a must.  A few of our favorite sites:


  • Abundant Health – containers for your DIY projects
  • Bulk Apothecary – containers and supporting ingredients for DIY projects in bulk
  • Amazon – containers, carrier oils and more

Essential Oil Carrying Case or Organizers

  • Etsy has fantastic carrying cases, shelves, and small carriers for your purse
  • Amazon

A Day in the Life

Anyone who knows me knows I love my essential oils…

But I’m sure the question of how on earth I use ALL of those oils or products comes up.

Let’s answer that!

I’ve run through my entire day, from the moment my feet hit the floor to the moment my head hits the pillow and everything in between.

Jump to the part you are interested in, or watch the whole thing and get a glimpse into a Day in my Oily Life!