Jessica Pulis

We are all on a journey and our journey takes us along so many different paths to make us who we are. My journey into healthier living started when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I wanted to bring her into a world that was better and healthier. So I began looking at the baby products we were using and making sure that she was getting the best I could offer. A few years later, my husband decided to become a vegetarian because of some heart health issues. That made me look more closely at the food we were consuming and gradually I started eliminating processed food and had a greater understanding about what we were eating. While my husband is no longer a vegetarian we have strived to maintain those same eating habits. In 2015, I was introduced to Young Living by my very dear friend and now business partner, Stefanie Hays. I didn’t know what I was missing and I soon began to realize that while I was conscious of the things we were bringing into our house, I was also missing a few places to make healthier choices.

Throughout my journey I have realized one thing, we have to be ambassadors for ourselves; ambassadors for our health and for our future. No one else can do that for us, it’s up to us to read labels, understand different companies, and understand that the traditional way doesn’t always mean it’s the right way. So many times we think that what we are buying from the store is good for us or we buy something because “that’s what my mother bought.” However, so many times we are being dooped. Labeling in the United States is not always in our favor and products have been changed over the years to be more cost efficient to produce which means some companies are cutting corners and are no longer providing quality products.

My goal with Young Living has evolved over the past few years. At first I was just interested in purchasing products for myself and trying out a few to make changes in our house, now it has become my passion to help others do the same. ”It wasn’t until Stefanie introduced me to the Young Living products that I realized there is so much I don’t know about healthy, natural choices.” So many others are in the same position as I was before I began this journey. Let us help you to become ambassadors for your health and future!

My name is Jessica Pulis, wife to Dominick and mother of three amazing children, Charli, Josephine, and Samuel. We became an expat family when my husband received the opportunity to work in Turin, Italy for three years. Upon our departure for Italy, I left my full-time job as a sales executive in advertising and took on the title of Stay at Home Mom. Our European experience opened my eyes to many things that pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was during that time that Young Living became part of my life and my passion. Combining this passion with my experience as an expat, I started where I share my insights on the expat adventure and how to make it part of our everyday all the while sprinkling in how to be an ambassador for our health and future.

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